From 1 Hour per Day to 1 Hour per Week

Alston Construction quadrupled their productivity and reached 90% insurance compliance with myCOI

Alston Construction operates 12 offices across the nation. At any given time, each Alston Construction office has between 10-30 active projects with 25-30 subcontractors per project, with bigger projects managing 50-60 subcontractors. As the contract administrator/project administrator manager Victoria Pearson handles administrative duties in Atlanta, as well as oversees each of the administrators across the nation who manage their respective office contract duties.

In the early days, Alston handled their own certificates of insurance (COIs) and insurance document compliance processes. As the company grew, the process became so cumbersome that Victoria and her team knew they needed to turn to an insurance certificate tracking solution. They were spending about 10% of their days just chasing down and reviewing insurance documents.

Victoria and her team were constantly concerned about missed documentation or important items not being followed up on. Because of these gaps, there were risks that weighed on Victoria and her team, such as accidents that could happen on the projects.

Alston first tried solution that was not myCOI.

That didn’t work out so well.

It's Almost Always Worse Than You Expect

So many of our clients are surprised when we tell them that, on average, 70% of COIs are submitted noncompliant. Then they think about it, put it together with their workload, and the light bulb goes off.

But that workload is only the first light bulb. The second, brighter, and hotter light bulb is the one that illuminates the realization that all that noncompliance means a time-bomb of risk exposure. Every gap that’s slipped through. Every “and” where there should have been an “or” in contract and policies. 

These things can lead to catastrophic losses.

In a Recession, It’s More Expensive to Pay Less Attention

Everyone is looking for places to “extend their runway.” We’re all looking at difficult decisions around where to trim. This is exactly the time you need to be paying more attention to your downstream risk, not less.

Find Out Why

It Was Time for a Change

After just one year of using their initial outsourced certificate of insurance vendor, Alston Construction switched to myCOI.

Their first choice wasn’t doing the job.

Since switching to myCOI, Victoria and her team have freed up a significant amount of time to concentrate on other responsibilities while enjoying the peace of mind of having another set of eyes on the entire process to ensure compliance.

We were afraid that we weren’t doing our jobs as well as we wanted to on the insurance side. We aren’t insurance experts and oftentimes didn’t even know what certain terms meant.

We were doing the best we could, but it mostly just took time that we didn’t have. We were absolutely swamped and needed a better way to manage the processes.

Victoria Pearson, Contract Administrator Manager

The myCOI Solution

Once a subcontractor is linked to a project in myCOI, all the necessary work of collecting, reviewing, and working with insurance agents is automated through our purpose-built software platform. We can also pull in myCOI’s team of insurance experts to ensure each and every document is carefully reviewed for compliance.

No more annoying, repetitive phone calls and emails.

No more worrying about the risk you can’t see coming.

Alston Construction’s partnership with myCOI has provided our team with a quicker turnaround on reviewing certificates, helping us achieve compliance in a more efficient and timely manner.

One of myCOI’s biggest attributes is having highly qualified, efficient experts that have actually worked in the insurance field and know the language inside and out.

Customer service is their number one priority, which shines through in everything they do.

Victoria Pearson, Contract Administrator Manager

Alston's Keys to Success

Automated Certificate Request Process

myCOI communicates directly with agents to achieve faster compliance.

Insurance Certificate Team

myCOI’s experienced insurance experts carefully review each certificate and endorsement to ensure contractual obligations are met. 

Centralized Data & Reporting

Through myCOI Alston’s data and reporting is now all stored in a single location, creating consistency among all regions to ensure the compliance and overall process is the same.

The myCOI Difference for Alston Construction


  • in-house team only glancing at details.
  • Unsure of insurance knowledge and terms.
  • Unsure of risk being assumed.
  • Low compliance rating.
  • Losing an hour or more day to frustrating tasks.


  • myCOI’s team of experts thoroughly reviews each and every section for additional insured endorsements and more.
  • 90% compliance rating.
  • Less than an hour per week spent overseeing myCOI.
  • More time for the work that really matter more.

Victoria and her team members are spending about 1 hour of their time each week on insurance compliance versus 1 hour each day. As a result of Alston Construction’s partnership with myCOI, the company has achieved 90% compliance across each of their 11 offices.

Level Up Your COI Tracking

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