myCOI Award Nominations

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Community Impact Award

The Community Impact Award recognizes an individual who through professional or volunteer service, make significant and positive impact on the lives of others. The nominee may:

  • Advocate for and effect change within a specific community
  • Address social, economic, health, or environmental needs throughout their community
  • Pursue passion projects that benefit the greater good

Core Value Award

The Core Value Award recognizes an individual who shows up each day with the myCOI Core Values in the forefront of their minds and hearts. These values serve as a north star for this individual and it's noticed in all of their actions.

This individual is thorough in follow-up, responds with patience and understanding, regularly asks for feedback, is attentive to others' needs and concerns, and is a considerate human anyone would want to interact with!

Erase the Worry Award

Image a world where you didn't have to wonder, "What if..."

This award recognizes a person who eagerly shows up for their peers and customers alike to erase the day-to-day worry. Erasing the worry requires a balance of proactive mindset and quick yet thoughtful resolve!

myCOI Champion Award

‚ÄčThe myCOI Champion recognizes someone who commits to the organization by proactively and consistently representing myCOI in a positive light and, by doing so, helps increase brand awareness, team morale, and social impact. They are dedicated to supporting and promoting the changes and people within myCOI for the betterment of the organization.

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