Concierge - Start to Finish Insurance Tracking Services

Let’s face it, the entire certificate of insurance process isn’t fun for anyone: you, your third-party relationships, or their insurance agent. Sometimes you just don’t want to deal with it. Well, we have a team for that, and believe it or not—they love this stuff.

Insurance Pro

Engage with myCOI Insurance Pro to take advantage of the myCOI Certificate Management Team, a group of qualified insurance professionals who act as your extended compliance team.

  • Stay protected by leaving the COI processing to an experienced insurance industry professional on our Certificate Management Team who will verify all COI requirements are met
  • Ensure compliance issues don’t slip through the cracks, as our insurance professionals review the certificates and endorsements provided to confirm that primary and non-contributory, waiver of subrogation, additional insured on completed operations and other critical requirements are being met

myCOI Care

Our best in class, local team of myCOI Care experts is there for you to handle all of your support needs. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the right level of support for your organizational needs.

  • Reach a helpful, industry knowledgeable Customer Service Representative via phone or email
  • Work closely with a dedicated Account Manager who understands your unique business and ensures your success
  • Allow the Certificate Management Team to support your vendor and agent questions and non-compliance concerns, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Risk Insights

Stay protected and increase your liability awareness in real time with myCOI Risk Insights. This solution leverages insightful and centralized dashboards, reports, and application features to allow you to quickly understand your organizational compliance.

  • Ensure your vendors have not cancelled a policy with the Quarterly Tracking feature, which confirms that policies have not lapsed and coverage hasn’t changed
  • Confirm that you are protected as an additional insured with the proper endorsement and waiver of subrogation is in place through the Endorsement Tracking
  • View a history of all overrides for a more complete perspective on requirement exceptions

Certificate Hub

Leverage the myCOI Certificate Hub to eliminate paper trails and manage all of your certificates, requirements and third-party relationships in a central repository.

  • Quickly understand compliance status through an easily accessible online library of all your Certificates of Insurance
  • Take advantage of easy searching, filters, ability to download and print, from one central location, saving you time with audits and claims
  • Consolidate your vendor information and other key documents (W9s, Contracts and other Certifications)

Communications Director

Take advantage of the most robust and industry knowledgeable online workflow with myCOI Communications Director. This rules based engine is built on a foundation of insurance industry logic to automate the certificate of insurance communication process and ensure you remain protected.

  • Send vendors and their insurance agents automated requests for missing certificates and upcoming renewal expirations, eliminating the need to manually monitor COIs
  • Prompts immediate action and sends essential insurance policy notifications to vendors and their insurance agents when a compliance issue is identified, reducing the amount of time you spend chasing down issues on the phone
  • Automate the manual and burdensome process of COI communications

Insurance Agent Portal

Streamline renewals and ensure timely response to insurance requests by having agents leverage the myCOI Agent Portal. Agents receive informative, personalized emails and reports to take action on behalf of their insured and make sure they provide compliant COIs, which can be uploaded directly to myCOI for review and tracking.

  • Empower insurance agents with real time access to view your contract insurance requirements, the status of renewals, and pending non-compliance
  • Lose the paper trail as agents directly upload all necessary certificates and endorsements online
  • Eliminate the telephone game as manual touch points go away with intuitive notifications and online interaction