Saglo Development Corporation + myCOI

Saglo Development Corporation

Tracking insurance documentation for nearly 200 vendors and 400 tenants across multiple states is no easy task. This was the reality for Saglo Development Corporation (Saglo), a mid-sized real estate development company headquartered in Miami, Florida. Saglo has specialized in property management, leasing, and acquisitions of new shopping centers across Florida and Georgia for more than 40 years.

With myCOI, Saglo is able to:

  • Quickly identify compliant tenants and vendors
  • Receive automatic alerts when tenants move into a finalized non-compliant status
  • Send notifications to property managers to follow up on compliance defaults
  • Avoid the disruptive impact of claims with compliance she can trust
  • Save significant time with automated processes and notifications
  • Identify manual errors in past insurance documentation
  • Prepare better for strategic calls and questions from tenant account managers

Download the eBook to learn how Saglo manages and streamlines tenant COIs, and automates the COI tracking process.