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Are You Interested in a demo of myCOI software?

Unfortunately, the number of certificates you reported on the prior form is beneath our minimum threshold.

That being said, we know calculating this number is often quite complicated. It’s not at all uncommon for companies we speak with to revise their numbers after our first conversation.

Please keep reading to double-check your calculation of your certificate count and, if necessary, revise your reported count.

Calculating Your Certificate Total

myCOI prices its services by assignment. An assignment is one set of insurance requirements assigned to one vendor.

We ask your number of certificates being tracked because sometimes, though not always, it’s a good way to get a sense of your number of assignments.

One vendor (a subcontractor or tenant, or other person or entity you need to secure insurance compliance from) that works three projects for you in a year with the same set of insurance requirements each time?

That’s one assignment. (1 vendor x 1 insurance set = 1 assignment, no matter how many times they work in a year)

That same vendor, working four other jobs, each with its own unique insurance requirements?

That’s four assignments. (1 vendor x 4 insurance sets = 4 assignments)

We know our competition sometimes prices on standard sizes like square feet, or by the number of documents you ask them to review. We price based on assignment to ensure you’re not overcharged when there is no complexity to justify it.

Multiple Business Units

Another common issue we discover is that you may not have considered other business units whose vendors you will also wish to track. Perhaps your department only tracks 50 assignments per year; are there other departments or parts of your business to consider?

Perhaps you are the street department at a city; how are the maintenance and waste disposal departments managing their insurance requirements?

Are you the project manager for a major construction project? How many other projects is your company managing, and how many subcontractors do those projects use?

myCOI is a complete third-party insurance solution. We want to serve your entire business, not one part of it.

Did You Report Your Accurate Certificate Count?

If you still believe your anticipated annual certificates tracked is less than 200, unfortunately, myCOI is not yet the best solution for you.

If you think you may have more than you initially thought, however, please complete the form* below with your accurate assignment count.

*Note: you may be prompted to put your email address in once more, to help us identify your submission.