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At myCOI, we’re committed to ensuring a seamless and satisfying customer experience. Our support page is your go-to resource for resolving any queries, concerns, or technical issues with our products or services. From support requests to contact information for our dedicated support team, this page is designed to assist you at every step of your journey with us.

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You can pay by logging into your account with your username/password. Once you have reviewed the contact information on the account and confirmed everything is up to date, the last page will ask you if you would like to pay your registration fee. Once you have paid, you can close the page.

You will not need to make another payment if you have already paid your registration fee for the year. After you have updated contact information, our page will ask if you want to make a payment. You can close the page, and any update you make will be automatically saved.

Yes. Our system is set up on a per-client basis, meaning each client requesting you to register will need to be registered individually. You can link your accounts by simply using the same username and password between all accounts; this will ensure all accounts become linked as one. If your client requires an annual fee, you will need to pay the set fee amount for each client who requires one.

Contact information for your agency can be changed/updated by your insured through their vendor portal, or you can email us at and we will update this information on your behalf.

Up to two (2) business days.

If you are a vendor/tenant and would like to have certificates uploaded onto your account you can email them to us at

You are right! Non-compliant emails go out to your agent on file once they have been posted on your account. If we do not receive a response from your agent within three (3) business days, our system will send you an email notification to let you know about your accounts status and advise you that we are actively reaching out to your agent for help on this matter. Do not worry! Once your agent responds to our requests, email notifications will stop.

Our Clients have contracted us to handle the tracking of their certificates of insurance. In order for an account to be marked compliant, we will need certificates to be sent directly to us or uploaded into our system. We do not have access to all certificates which are sent directly to clients, in order to ensure your certificate will be reviewed, please upload the documents into your system via the agent portal link or send them to us at

With issues regarding non-compliance, please email us at, or you can call us at 317-759-9426 x105.


Support: 317-759-9426 x105