You Need More Than Just Insurance Tracking Software

Simple compliance tracking isn't enough. Risk demands professional management.

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COI Tracking Software is Just the Beginning

Proactive Compliance Correction

When we detect non-compliant insurance documents, we notify you, but that’s just step one.

We also immediately start working to get the noncompliance corrected on your behalf. If we can get the issue fixed before you even notice, we will.

Compliance Review on Your Terms

Most automated COI software is true-false. The document is compliant or it isn’t. Red light or green light. We both know insurance isn’t that black and white.

Our experts work off the review guidelines you set, judging off of nuance you define.

Expertise No One Else Can Match

The myCOI insurance compliance team is staffed with insurance professionals with real-world experience.

With an average career length spanning more than twenty years, these experts apply their hard-won knowledge to your compliance. 

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