myCOI Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation and Growth

November 15, 2019
myCOI celebrates 10 years of leading the COI management space in innovation and service!

myCOI, a company specializing in technology for risk prevention, started in one of the riskiest times in US history. Roll back 10 years. The United States was in its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Many large corporations were barely treading water. The housing bubble burst. Countless small businesses closed their doors forever. The timing was bad for any business, but seemingly more so for a Midwest startup bringing disruptive technology to an industry known for caution and control. 

Some might remember this challenging time and see insurmountable odds. Kristen Nunery, myCOI founder and CEO, saw all the opportunities stacked in her favor. As a real estate broker and investor, she knew the difficulty of hiring subcontractors and tracking certificates of insurance (COIs). The manual process led to billions in claims paid out annually by insurance companies, so the industry was desperate for cost-saving innovation. Central Indiana was starting to bubble with new technology startups attracting the attention of investors from across the world. Most importantly, companies working to stay afloat during the recession took their focus off risk management and it was costing them dearly. The time was right for taking a risk…on risk, and myCOI began. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, myCOI has enhanced its technology offering, grown the staff to more than 60, raised millions in capital, and expanded its customer footprint from coast to coast. In this profile from TechPoint, learn more about our decade of accomplishments and what we have planned next for the world of “risky business.”

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