myCOI Partners With Bold Penguin To Offer Complete Modern Insurance Solutions

September 14, 2023

COLUMBUS, OH (September 14, 2023) – Leading small commercial insurance solution platform, Bold Penguin, recently announced a partnership with myCOI, enabling myCOI users to seamlessly access additional small commercial insurance needs.  

Bold Penguin’s integrated digital solution platform simplifies small commercial insurance for agents and brokers, empowering them to protect the small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) they serve. myCOI helps companies collect, verify, and monitor insurance tracking certificates all in one, easy-to-use platform. myCOI will leverage Bold Penguin’s Exchange and Storefront products, allowing myCOI users to not only track their current commercial insurance certificates within their platform, but also access the right insurance coverage that fits their needs via the Bold Penguin Exchange.

myCOI streamlines certificate of insurance (COI) management for third-party relationships, such as vendors, suppliers, tenants, subcontractors, and carriers. This partnership will allow those third-party vendors, suppliers, tenants, etc. to quickly and efficiently gain access to additional coverage options when new insurance is needed or to fill gaps in current coverage. This will streamline the workflow for the business owner, and also ensure that their investments are protected with the right product within the right timeline. 

“Understanding risk is hard. Knowing where it’s hiding and how to catch it before it becomes an issue that affects the business’ viability is even harder. That’s why myCOI exists – to erase the worry that lives in not knowing. Now, through Bold Penguin, myCOI clients can help close those third-party gaps quickly by knowing where problems are and finding the right coverage to keep work moving,” said myCOI founder and CEO Kristen Nunery. “This partnership is powerful, and we look forward to being able to offer companies a better way to manage and close risk gaps.” 

This partnership comes at a critical time for SMBs looking for trusted agents to help them identify and cover their business insurance needs. In addition to benefiting those users, it also allows Bold Penguin’s new and existing Terminal and Exchange partners to gain access to a greater number of new qualified prospects from the myCOI platform. 

“Our partnership with myCOI is a natural extension of our mission to simplify small commercial insurance. myCOI customers have come to expect a seamless integrated experience when it comes to certificate of insurance management, and this partnership will help elevate that experience helping those customers get access to insurance when they need it,” stated Mario Ramos, Bold Penguin’s Vice President of Partnerships. “We are thrilled to provide this differentiated capability for myCOI in order to maintain business continuity for their customers.” 

About Bold Penguin 

Bold Penguin is a leading integrated digital solution platform dedicated to simplifying small commercial insurance. Our technology makes the quote and bind process quick, effortless, and profitable for all parties – agents, brokers, and carriers. Bold Penguin’s innovative product suite has digitized and transformed a slow, manual process resulting in reduced costs, increased efficiency, and better overall outcomes. For more information, please visit

About myCOI

myCOI injects efficiency and accuracy into the risk review process. Efficiency is built on digital systems, like AI and machine learning, while accuracy comes from their team of real professional insurance reviewers who average 28 years of experience across the board and whose expertise spans every state. This human touch is how myCOI is able to offer the best outcomes to drive a better bottom line for every single client. For more information about myCOI, please visit our website.

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