Women CEOs Are Ruling the Tech Industry in Indianapolis, and We Couldn’t Be More Proud.

August 25, 2017

The tech scene in Indianapolis, home of myCOI, is hot, and it’s getting a lot of attention. From the ExactTarget acquisition by Salesforce several years ago to the growing startup scene to the many great coworking locations in the city, Indianapolis offers a lot to tech companies. But there’s something else making headlines: the city’s array of highly-capable woman CEOs. While this hasn’t always been the case (and admittedly there’s still a lot of work to do), these women CEOs are gaining the spotlight for all the right reasons, and it’s time to pay attention.Women CEOs Get a Boost from New Groups

Within the last year alone, several new women’s groups have been formed INSIDE some of Indy’s tech companies, which empower women to succeed in their careers and to balance the demands with their family lives, too. And according to TechPoint, Indianapolis recently claimed the #4 spot for the best city for women in tech.

Let’s take a quick look at 3 of the companies led by fearless Indianapolis women CEOs:

  • Torchlite’s Susan Marshall: Founded in 2015 by Susan Marshall, Torchlite helps marketers turn big ideas into wildly successful campaigns by showing them what to do, how to do it and who can get it done. Freelance marketing experts called Torchliters engage with businesses of every size through Torchlite Action™, a SaaS platform that identifies marketing priorities and helps manage objectives, campaigns and deliverables to completion.
  • myCOI’s Kristen Nunery: Co-founded in 2009 by Kristen Nunery and now operating under her guidance as CEO, myCOI exists for one reason—to help their clients handle the everyday tasks of managing certificates of insurance and protecting companies against underinsured claims, costly litigation and failed audits. The company’s clients are hard-working individuals and businesses that are exposed to risk due to their industry’s ever-changing rules and regulations. Whether an owner or risk manager worrying about a business’s compliance, or an office manager dreading the stack of COIs waiting to be reviewed and entered into a system, myCOI has the technology and the expertise to make the process easier.
  • Doxly’s Haley Altman: Under the guidance of Haley Atlman, Doxly’s cloud-based platform brings improved accuracy, speed and transparency to an antiquated offline legal transaction process dotted with printed checklists, call logs and emails. The service offers law firms a better way to manage the diligence, deal closing and signature process, and provides access to previously unavailable or difficult to obtain data intelligence.

Kristen Nunery’s Journey to myCOI’s CEO

Having worked in property management and residential construction, Kristen recognized there was an opportunity to develop a tool that would help simplify the insurance compliance process. Kristen had a vision for myCOI several years ago, given that on average 7 out of 10 of requested certificates come back non-compliant the first time, companies find themselves challenged with finding more time in a day or exposing themselves to unnecessary risk. It’s simply unacceptable from a business perspective, so in 2009, she co-founded myCOI after developing the software that the programs are built upon.

Today, myCOI continues to provide the technology and support that enables companies to increase their compliance rates while spending less time chasing vendors, tenants, and subcontractors for their certificates. As CEO of this fast-paced technology firm, Kristen is responsible for the vision and direction of myCOI by leading the fast growing team and also participating as a thought leader in the insurance management and technology space.

Kristen’s Leadership Doesn’t Stop There

But it doesn’t stop there for Kristen. myCOI is fortunate to have her as a leader both inside the office and outside as she volunteers in the community. Kristen is very involved in attending community events such as Innovation Showcase, VERGE, TechPoint events, and other aspects of the Indy tech community. In addition, she is very passionate about an organization called “Blondes vs Brunettes” which seeks to combat Alzheimer’s disease through the Alzheimer’s Association.

Interested in learning more about myCOI and the career opportunities it offers to all? Learn more by visiting: www.mycoitracking.com.

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