The Values By Which We Live

Unite | Reach | Choose Positive | Own It | Innovate | Be Trusted

We are united in a common purpose while remaining versatile and flexible. A 212º team compliments and challenges each other. Communicating effectively, building trust, and developing cohesion propel winning teams to the next degree. Our united 212º team values extend beyond our internal team and to our customers and partners.

Owning it requires humility and confidence and urges you to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Owning it leads to increased autonomy and an understanding of how you can help others make decisions and achieve their objectives. It allows you to take credit for your accomplishments and demonstrate your strength while admitting when you’re wrong. Owning it allows you to create and maintain meaningful relationships on the team and with customers and partners.

Insurance compliance is complex. Our brand is handling the complex while simplifying it for the customer. We will do this through innovation by ensuring our wealth of knowledge is digestible to all of our customers, including our vendors, agents, partners, and even ourselves. We want to ensure we deliver knowledge and expertise humbly and helpfully. With this approach, we will provide our team, customers, and partners with more confidence and accord when interacting with our team and products.

To reach requires a mindset that improving every day is possible. Reaching creates the opportunity for growth and embraces learning. When you challenge yourself to reach for goals outside your comfort zone — but still attainable — you set yourself up to accomplish amazing things.

Much of our success and fulfillment comes down to how we see things. At myCOI, we Choose Positive. We choose the meaning we give to our circumstances and how we respond, honoring the trying times. Our attitudes have an impact on everything. It directs our thoughts, our energy, and most of all, the actions we take. Ultimately, a team that chooses positive can better support each other, our customers, and our partners, and we become more satisfied and engaged in our work.

At myCOI, we consistently build trust in every interaction by conducting ourselves in a caring, humble, knowledgeable, and honest manner because we are a team of defenders. We lead with clear intentions, communicate proactively, and hold ourselves and each other accountable–one conversation at a time, one interaction at a time. That empowers us to deliver good news and have hard conversations. We say “if I can help you, I will!” After all, trust is the absence of worry.