myCOI vs. Current Tracking Methods: Are You Using the Hammer or the Nail Gun?

August 31, 2015

“There’s a way to do it better – find it.” – Thomas Edison

Think about your COI-tracking process. Is it tedious? Time consuming? Subject to human error? Maybe your process is manual, performed by an administrative professional with little-to-no insurance expertise. On a good day, it’s a warren of spreadsheets and binders and paper printouts. Perhaps it’s slightly more sophisticated, powered by your accounting software in a clunky, complicated system that only one person knows how to operate. On the surface, it appears to be working – sort of. But it could be better.

Some of the most important innovations have emerged when the status quo was still working, but allowed room for improvement. Take construction, for example: Before 1950, people built houses, installed floors, and repaired roofs by painstakingly hammering each nail by hand. The job got done, but it was slow, prone to errors, and physically taxing. Then, the first nail gun appeared, and the construction industry changed forever.

Can people still build structures by hand with their tried-and-tested hammers? Yes. But to stay competitive in an increasingly fast-paced, efficiency-is-everything world, the hammer falls short. Conversely, the nail gun allows builders to work faster, produce more, and reduce costs. It’s no longer a luxury to use a nail gun – it’s a necessity to compete in the market.

Now, back to your insurance certificates. Imagine if you traded your inefficient hammer (your current process) for your very own COI-tracking nail gun. That’s where myCOI comes in. Whether you want to enhance your own self-managed process with time-saving technology, or prefer to enlist myCOI’s experts to manage the process on your behalf, we have a solution for you. With a focused, user-friendly platform, live support from experienced insurance professionals, and direct access to third-party agents, myCOI gives you the tools to increase compliance, minimize risk, and improve productivity.

Your current COI-tracking process might still be working, but it could be better. Protect your company from claims, and improve your team’s efficiency and effectiveness. All you need is a better tool. When you upgrade to myCOI, you’ve already nailed it.

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