Agency Branded Certificate of Insurance Tracking Software

Win new business and build an even stronger relationship with your insureds by offering myCOI Central, your agency branded certificate of insurance tracking software. Offer them access to the leading insurance tracking software or even generate additional revenue by offering your compliance review services.


Our pre-built integrations and API makes it easy to connect to other platforms to provide real-time insurance information to key team members. myCOI can integrate with your tools to send automatic communication based on document compliance to accounting to stop payment and to project managers to know who is covered to be onsite. Learn More

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Sage 300
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Automate Communication

  • Automate renewal requests to eliminate time-consuming phone calls and emails
  • Automate certificate requests and non-compliant notices to achieve compliance faster
  • Receive certificates uploaded directly from each vendor’s insurance agent to save time

Centralize Compliance

  • Each request sends the agent to their portal with requirements, real-time compliance status, and upload capability
  • Insured’s team is kept up to date with personalized dashboard and email alerts
  • Integration options, to allow your insured to have insurance compliance automatically updated in their accounting software

Mitigate Risk

  • Provide compliance review for your insureds or give them the tools to make the right decisions themselves
  • Reference the built-in endorsement library to quickly verify coverage
  • Automate policy limit compliance decisions, non-compliant notes generation, and visual highlights for deficiencies on the certificates