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Managing COI Compliance is our Full-Time Job

7 out of 10 COIs you receive will be non-compliant. With myCOI’s tools and expertise, you will catch more of them, right away. You can cut down the number of non-compliant subcontractors or vendors on your jobs or properties.

With myCOI you get more compliance and fewer claims.

COI compliance doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be setting calendar reminders for expiration dates. It doesn’t have to be cumbersome spreadsheets. And it doesn’t have to be letting non-compliant vendors increase your risk.

At myCOI, we help with all of that.

What Our Customers Say about myCOI

Get Risk Insights in Real Time

Leverage insightful and centralized dashboards, reports, and application features to quickly understand your organizational compliance.

  • Ensure your vendors have not cancelled a policy with the Quarterly Tracking feature, which confirms that policies have not lapsed and coverage hasn’t changed
  • Confirm that you are protected as an additional insured with the proper endorsement and waiver of subrogation is in place through the Endorsement Tracking
  • View a history of all overrides for a more complete perspective on requirement exceptions

Cut Hours of Tediousness Out of Your Day

Take a manual process of paper files or spreadsheets and transfer it to a purpose-built software interface, so you don’t have to waste time on repetitive tasks.

  • Policy Reader scans certificates of insurance and eliminates the data entry of tracking policy dates
  • Take advantage of intuitive visual indicators when your insurance requirements are not being met
  • Streamline the collaboration process with automatic creation of detailed non-compliance notes and red highlights on deficient coverages on the certificate

Leverage Powerful Integrations

Our API provides flexibility to seamlessly integrate comprehensive and complete insurance tracking into your current process. Take advantage of one of our pre-built integrations or access our API to connect with any software application.

  • Streamline your payment processing
  • Automate setup of insurance requests
  • Keep compliance easily accessible

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does myCOI provide?

myCOI takes the fear and stress out of certificate of insurance tracking by leveraging purpose-built, industry-leading software with an in-house team of insurance experts no other company can match. Our tools and process reduces your workload, increases your compliance, and lessens the chances your company will be hit with a damaging claim it should have never been held accountable to.

How much does it cost?

We price our services based on your unique needs. Our pricing is matrixed by the services you select and the size of your certificate of insurance pool.

What does implementation look like?

Your first step with myCOI will be to meet your implementation team, and begin registering your third-parties (your vendors, subcontractors, and/or tenants) in our system. As part of their registration, those vendors will register their insurance provider, allowing us to go straight to the agent for any issues. You will also set up your insurance structure inside of myCOI, set any review guidelines necessary, and get to work!

What kinds of use cases get the most value from myCOI?

We find our most satisfied clients:

    • Are aware of the incredible risk that can come from third-parties and need a better way to control it.
    • Work with hundreds or even thousands of assignments a year.
    • Use things like contract requirements and insurance policy review to earn themselves the best protection at the lowest total cost of risk.
Who will I work with?

Depending on which myCOI solution you choose, you may work with a variety of people and teams. Your first touchpoint would be our Implementation team, who will help you get set up in the myCOI system and ready to process your documents, before meeting our Customer Service team, which may include our expert Insurance Compliance Coordinators!

How can I tell the number of certs I have?

Excellent question, because it’s not as simple as it sounds. In general, we find the simplest way to get this answer is to ask yourself three general questions:

    1. How many projects a year do we generally work on?
    2. Do we require unique insurance requirements on each of those projects?
    3. How many third-parties does an average project use?

For example, let’s say you do four projects a year, and each project has it’s own unique insurance requirements. Further, each of those four projects generally uses 200 subcontractors, vendors, or other third parties. That works out to 200 certificates per project, multiplied by 4 projects, for a total of 800 certificates. This is obviously a large simplification, but it will get you close to a reasonable scale.

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