Document Hub

Compliance Goes Beyond Insurance

You Need a Document Management Solution That Does More Meet myCOI Document Hub.

Document Hub from myCOI enables you to have a single line of sight into your vendor documents. If you’re tracking subs, vendors, tenants or anything else you can connect all documents from tax forms to insurance to one account. The need for multiple systems is over.

Risk management is complicated and keeping documents in multiple places doesn’t help. The myCOI Document Hub enables a single line of sight into all types of vendor documents. Document types from contracts to W9s to Certificates of Insurance can be connected and tracked to one account.

Seeing a complete risk profile is now possible.

Mitigate the risk of non-compliance with Document Hub by:

  • Tracking both Certificates of Insurance and supporting documents
  • Automating the follow-up process to save your team time and ensure higher compliance
  • Ensuring consistency across Certificate of Insurance and Other document processes
Automate Communication

There are multiple stakeholders involved in executing contracts and your business needs documents from all of them. The same great communication features of myCOI Central are available with the myCOI Document Hub.

  • Significant time savings with automated communication workflows for collecting documents
  • Set the deadline and the contact and let the system handle the restAutomating the follow-up process to save your team time and ensure higher compliance
Reporting on Insurance and Documents in one place

Document Hub empowers customized reporting on all document types from Certificates of Insurance to W9s and licenses in one place.

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