February 6, 2017

Insurance Agents Can Provide Ultimate Protection For Their Insureds

As an insurance agent, you want what is best for your clients to protect them from incurring costly insurance lawsuits and litigations. Most agents know that if they fight for their clients’ best interests and make it known that their number one priority is the protection of insureds, that over time they will earn trust for a lifetime, along with increased insurance policies and referrals as a result.Protecting Insureds = Protecting The Insurance Agency

It’s common sense that if agents protect their insureds and make sure they take precautions and have adequate coverage for contractors and vendors, then the insurance agency ultimately will benefit, too. Agents that are careful to ensure their clients have the right coverage in place and that their insureds’ contractors and vendors are compliant are helping their insureds avoid legal battles and costly litigation.

Providing ultimate client protection is a win-win scenario, but how can agents go above and beyond what they’re already doing? Offering insurance tracking services like myCOI Central for brokerages and agencies helps them provide ultimate protection to their insureds. myCOI allow insurance professionals to utilize myCOI Central, the insurance tracking software, as a protection tool to add significant and lasting value to clients that also helps to increase trust and minimize costs.

Insurance Tracking Software For Protection of Insureds

myCOI Central is a cloud-based software solution that can help your agency provide a value add through insurance tracking services while also protecting your insureds against underinsured claims, costly litigation and failed audits. The software is an easy-to-use solution developed and supported by a team of insurance professionals and is built on a foundation of insurance industry logic to automate the certificate communication process and ensure clients remain protected.

There are several ways you can engage with myCOI to protect clients. Choose to pay for myCOI Central and offer it to clients as a free value add, create revenue by reselling the solution to insureds, or use the software as your tool to provide compliance review services to your insured. Any of these solutions will help your agency add further protection to your clients’ organizations.

Not sure where to start? myCOI’s team of experts can help you identify the right solution to ensure that your agency is able to grow and change with your insureds as their needs evolve and change. Make sure you have the best program your clients needs now, as well as in the future.

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