myCOI CEO Kristen Nunery featured in Elevate Ventures Leading Indiana Ambition Series

December 13, 2018

Since founding myCOI in 2009, Kristen Nunery has seen a new era of female SaaS founders and leaders in the Indianapolis tech community. As the myCOI team relocates downtown to the epicenter of the Indy tech boom, Elevate Ventures sat down with Kristen to discuss her time growing up in Indianapolis, her risk-taking nature, and the future of women-led tech efforts in the area.

At myCOI, we love learning new things about our team members and celebrating their individuality! Here are a few things we learned about Kristen in the Leading Indiana article:

  • She originally went to school to study commercial photography and wanted to start her own stock photography agency.
  • She started myCOI when she was flipping houses. Her experience running transactions through a brokerage and hiring subcontractors brought the need of an insurance tracking solution to the forefront.
  • Her competitive nature is readily apparent in her extracurricular activities such as volleyball and flag football.
  • She’s adopted five (!) dogs, and has two currently living with her today.

In addition to personal anecdotes, Kristen also discussed how proud she is of the Indianapolis tech scene and the role that female entrepreneurs are playing in its continued growth and success. Indianapolis is now a recognized player on the national tech scene and women like Kristen are undoubtedly leading this charge. The diversity and creativity of Indianapolis technology professionals are two of the many reasons why myCOI decided to move downtown. The sense of community and collaboration will only help the myCOI team reach higher as we continue to grow both our business and our team.

You can read Kristen’s entire interview with Elevate Ventures here.  

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