myCOI Constructs a Stronger Tracking Process for Weigand

July 1, 2015

The Client: Weigand Construction Co.

Weigand Construction Co. provides design-build, construction management, and general contracting services to their clients. From simple renovations to state-of-the-art, nationally recognized facilities, Weigand is regarded as a specialist in healthcare, education, industrial, and commercial work—and not just for their building expertise.

“An important focus is building ongoing client relationships built on trust and teamwork,” says Jessica Warner, Controller at Weigand Construction Co.

Because time spent reviewing and managing certificates of insurance meant time away from clients, the Weigand team decided to outsource their certificate management. Their criteria: an organized, proactive and reliable way to minimize their liability risk—without breaking their bottom line

The Challenge: Following Through & Following Up

Without available resources in-house to handle the tracking and reviewing of certificates, the Weigand team brought the question to their insurance agent, Barb Pearson, who recommended myCOI.

“Their process took a lot of time, and where it really fell short was in the follow up,” says Pearson, CPCU, CPIW, AIS, at Gibson Insurance. “With the mindset that we need to be more aggressive, I knew this wasn’t something that one person could fix.”

Fascinated by the accessibility to myCOI’s team of experts, who could manage certificates and follow up with non-compliant subcontractors, Pearson set a meeting between myCOI and Weigand’s team.

“I was impressed with their organized approach, the level of detail we would be able to access, and the flexible reporting options that were provided via the myCOI website,” Warner says.

And with so many subcontractors working on different projects, it was clear that a partnership with myCOI would provide a more thorough and efficient method to track the compliance on each project—even from the jobsite.

The Results: Enabling Success

Weigand Construction has found a long-term partner with myCOI. Specifically, they feel their team is more enabled by having a streamlined process and in-depth reporting.

Whether they’re holding payment on invoices, or removing non-compliant subcontractors from a jobsite, the Weigand Construction team can use those reports to make quick decisions in the office or on-site to keep projects safe and liability low.

“I can print reports and see the status by job or specific compliant status,” Warner says. “The reports enable us to take the next steps to manage risk.”

And by fielding the majority of the questions and follow-up communications regarding insurance, myCOI has allowed Weigand project teams to shift the focus back to budgets & schedules.

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