myCOI Central - Simplifying Insurance Tracking

Streamline your Certificate of Insurance tracking and protect your organization with the industry’s leading COI tracking software and team of insurance professionals. myCOI Central offers an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution to protect your organization and ensure end-to-end compliance. It’s smart technology that has our industry expertise built right in—designed to provide your company a single place to view your COIs, compliance, and risk reporting, for your vendors, suppliers, tenants, subcontractors, franchisees, and carriers.

Certificate Hub

Leverage the myCOI Certificate Hub to eliminate paper trails and manage all of your certificates, requirements, vendors and other documents in a central repository.

Communications Director

Take advantage of the most robust and industry knowledgeable online workflow with myCOI Communications Director. This rules-based engine is built on a foundation of insurance industry logic to automate the COI communication process and ensure you remain protected.

Risk Insights

Stay protected and increase your liability awareness in real time with myCOI Risk Insights.This solution leverages insightful and centralized dashboards, reports, and application features to allow you to quickly understand your organizational compliance.

Insurance Agent Portal

Streamline renewals and ensure timely response to insurance requests by having agents leverage the myCOI Agent Portal. Agents receive informative, personalized emails and reports to take action on behalf of their insured and make sure they provide compliant COIs, which can be uploaded directly to myCOI for review and tracking.

Compliance Manager

Remain compliant and process certificates the smart way using myCOI Compliance Manager*. This intuitive self-processing feature provides guided assistance for making the review of certificates simpler, faster and more accurate.

*Available with Essentials

myCOI Care Team

Our best in class, local team of myCOI Care experts is there for you to handle all of your support needs. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the right level of support for your organizational needs.

Insurance Pro

Engage with myCOI Insurance Pro to take advantage of the myCOI Certificate Management Team, a group of qualified insurance professionals who act as your extended compliance team.

Available Integrations

Utilize one of our pre-built integrations or take advantage of our API and scheduled reports to keep your insurance compliance in sync with your accounting software.

Not sure what to look for in a solution?

Evaluating Certificate of Insurance management software can be daunting. That’s why we put together a comprehensive buyer’s guide to picking the best COI tech for your business. Get the eBook to learn more about what questions you should be asking providers (and yourself!) to ensure your business stays protected.

Find the Right Fit for Your Company


  • Industry-leading, comprehensive COI management software
  • Quick Start Enablement to get you going
  • Compliance Manager
  • Communications Director
  • Certificate Hub
  • Risk Insights
  • Insurance Agent Portal


  • All Essentials benefits
  • Flexible implementation and enablement with branding and configurability options
  • Our Compliance Team supports your vendor and agent questions and non-compliance concerns
  • High touch myCOI Care support
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Agency-Branded COI Management Software

Are you an agent or broker? Drive additional value into your relationships by offering your clients myCOI Central!