What We Believe: myCOI’s Core Values, And What They Mean to Our Clients

August 10, 2017

Here at myCOI, we love to give you the facts and dig deep into important topics that you and your organization face on a daily basis. Whether you’re facing compliance hiccups, CGL issues, or vendors trying to sneak something past you on your COIs, we get it, because we’re made up of a team of highly qualified insurance experts who deal with these issues daily.

But once in awhile, we at myCOI like to step back and pull the curtain aside so you can see more about who we are and what we believe—a topic that’s just as important (if not more important) than the helpful advice and tips. Today, we’ll share more about what we believe and what we’re committed to. In a word? You, our valued clients.

At myCOI, we are committed to these core values:

Protecting our clients’ interests

Protecting our clients’ interests is the top myCOI priority. We at myCOI do this by creating an organized, thorough, and accurate certificate request and review process. This is critical so that no errors are overlooked and our clients can rest easy knowing that an entire team of industry experts (supported by industry logic and sophisticated software) are reviewing all associated documents. We know our clients aren’t insurance experts, and they shouldn’t have to be. That’s why we at myCOI take such care and attention to ensure nothing is overlooked that might jeopardize our clients and their businesses.

Simplifying our clients’ lives

Our clients have a million other tasks to accomplish each day, and compliance is just another to-do (albeit a very, very important one). If they were to review every document, line by line, to ensure compliance, it would be more than a full-time job. That’s especially true when you take into account the back and forth that’s often required in order to coordinate between the vendor or subcontractor, and its insurance agent. We simplify our clients’ lives by delivering the right message to the right people at the right time in the right format—to get the desired compliance results using significantly less of your compliance admin’s time.

Creating efficiencies that save myCOI clients money

To expand on the last point, our clients simply don’t have enough time in the day to review everything thoroughly enough without relying on cutting edge innovative insurance tracking software and processes. This software expedites the compliance process while automating the tedious (but necessary) communications between all parties involved. Our team takes pride in creating software that can replace manual tasks while simultaneously decreasing risk and saving our clients valuable time and resources (aka, $$).

What’s Our Secret?

What’s so special about myCOI’s core values and commitments to the clients we serve? The reason our solution is so unique is because of the “How”.

Technically speaking, our communications and processes are set up in a way to go directly to the vendors’ insurance agents with specific information about what insurance is required and what documents are needed, and puts the process in motion without the compliance administrator having to coordinate every step in the process (and then repeat again when its renewal time). Add to that our options to have the myCOI insurance pros review incoming certificates and field incoming calls regarding compliance, and it is undeniable that myCOI is the solution to the insurance compliance issue.

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